Keith 1
Keith Burns

In our last newsletter, it was said that the manager of the gym he went to advised him that they just installed a new machine that was tailor-made for him. Keith commented, “ yes the new machine in the gym is great, you can get Kit Kats, crisps and bottles of Coke out of it”!  Since then he has managed to currently lose over 12 stone.

Terence O’ Regan
BSc (Hons) MCOptom

Terry is warmly accepted by young and old alike and is keen on martial arts and running. He won his last fight by 100m!!

Dr Russell Brett

Russell is an Audiologist and is a new Partner in our Practice. 

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Anne Chandler (BSc Hons) MCOptom

Anne has been with us now for about 7 years and although appears shy and retiring is in fact very witty and has a keen sense of humour.

She once said I’ve learned so much from my mistakes, I am thinking of making a few more.

Amy Moore
Amy Moore (BSc Hons) MCOptom

Amy is new to the team and when not at Bolton Eye Hospital or at her fathers’ Practice, she works with us. She has a keen interest in her professional life and embraces all things technological especially our posh new coffee machine.

Paul (1)
Paul Burns

Paul now sports a beard and may also be known in the area for singing in local venues.

Charlotte Southern

She is a mum with an energetic 3-year-old. Charlotte is well known in the practice and has helped to increase shares in Heinz due to the industrial quantities of ketchup she uses on all things edible.

Wendy Cameron

Wendy has recently joined the team and has read that too much chocolate and red wine can be ageing. She commented, “That’s it, as from Monday, no more reading!”

135 (002)
Michelle Buck

The in-practice standing joke for Michelle is that she is affectionately regarded as Mrs Overall for her delivery of “half and half” – half the tea in the cup and half in the saucer. This is delivered at a snail’s pace with a cup and saucer in each hand and an acquired head and hand tremor whilst she is doing her best to stifle her giggling. Michelle is well known to all and is a bubbly outgoing character.

Peter Burns

Peter who is in our Optical laboratory has a passion for coaching American football and whose team recently won 38 – 0. It was suggested that the losers seek the services of Silver and Rose Opticians.

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