We recommend at Silver & Rose Opticians & Audiology that all children should have their eyes examined from an early age, followed by regular checks depending upon their vision and visual development.

By the time a child starts school, any visual impairment or ocular conditions should have been diagnosed, and appropriate optical correction or treatment will have been provided to improve the best outcome for their sight.

The early years of a child’s eye development are very important.

As a basic routine and best practice, it’s advisable to have all children checked out before commencing school.

In the majority of cases, most children will be fine and no prescription or referral for treatment will be required.

For children that do need some form of intervention, the sooner this is implemented in the “critical period“ (when the infant/child’s eyes are developing) the better the long term outcome is.

A full one to one explanation will be given to the parent or guardian at the time of the consultation.

Our team is highly-qualified and hugely-experienced, boasting excellent customer service skills and a great knowledge of all of our different ranges, which will ensure that you and your children will leave with the most stylish, comfortable and trendy glasses possible!


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