For many people, glasses can be a great choice and compliment their appearance and enhance their vision. On occasion due to their job, sporting activities, lifestyle needs or hobbies many of our patients prefer to have the best of both worlds with contact lenses as an alternative. For certain times, even if only for special occasions, or for social use.

Contact lenses provide a new look and freedom from glasses for sports or cosmetic reasons including enhancing the colour of their eyes or even changing the colour.

With advanced contact lens technology, new lens materials and modern cleaning solutions or daily disposable contact lenses, there is now an option for more people than ever to enjoy the benefits of new contact lens designs, including high lens powers and an option to correct both your distance and reading vision with various contact lens choices.

Contact lenses can also be worn in conjunction with spectacles as an “over-correction.”  For example you could have contact lenses suitable for walking about in and computer use and being able to read a menu and have spectacles to put on over the contact lenses just for driving to bring your vision up to standard for those people who can’t adapt to other contact lens designs, including monovision, multifocal contact lenses and patients with prisms or high astigmatism. The variation of contact lens options is immense.

Book an appointment for a contact lens assessment and get the best out of your vision and lifestyle needs.


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