Royal British Legion Funding

The Royal British Legion veterans’ medical funds programme provides support for veterans with hearing loss.

Set up in 2015 the programme is funded through a five year, £10million commitment from HM Treasury using income generated from the Libor rate-fixing fines.

Veterans Hearing Fund

The Veterans Hearing Fund provides support to veterans who suffer a hearing loss but their needs cannot be helped through statutory services such as the NHS. The programme may be able to fund hearing aids, assistive listening devices for access to the television and/or telephone and management for peripherals or therapies such as lip reading and tinnitus management therapies.

Benefits eligibility and application process

The Veterans Hearing Fund (VHF) is a fund managed and run by the Royal British Legion that provides support to veterans who have a hearing loss. Silver and Rose Audiology services can ease this pathway for you.

Since the fund was launched in 2015, it has helped many Veterans hear better

How to apply for hearing aids

The process is as follows:

Ring Silver & Rose Audiology on 01704 831117 or click here to book an appointment with Dr Brett, your Audiologist.

Dr Brett will complete a thorough hearing Assessment.

If you have a hearing loss, you will be helped in filling out a Veterans Hearing Fund (VHF) application form and apply for your medical records.

If you wish to view or print off this form it can be viewed and/or downloaded here.

Your Service medical records will need to be requested.

Dr Brett will help you complete this; you can view/download this request form here.

Your medical records will be returned to you.  When you have them a second appointment will be made with Dr Brett, who will complete a Stage 2 Application for the RBL detailing the equipment you need and the reasons for this.

The application is then anonymised and presented to the VHF Advisory Panel to make the final decision.

If the application is approved, Dr Brett will arrange for you to come and get your hearing aids fitting.

All hearing aids come with a trial period, so you and your audiologist can be sure that you’re hearing as well as you can before signing you off.

A Royal British Legion report on hearing problems
among Service personnel and veterans

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