Sunglasses come in a variety of designs and purposes, ranging from fashion to utility. Sunglasses are a fantastic way to help prevent glare and are good for people who suffer from light sensitivity.

Sunglasses are often worn as a fashion accessory but provide much more than meets the eye. They can enable safer driving in bright light conditions and comfortable vision during all sunny weather. Sunglasses are also used for a variety of sports (see our sports page for more) to provide better vision and give an advantage when competing.

All sunglasses sold in the UK are made to block UV light to help protect the eyes from harmful radiation. Sunglasses are also recommended for children for this reason to help promote healthy stable growth of the eyes.


Exposure to Ultra Violet radiation can cause changes to the front of the eye(cornea). Long term exposure can also result in damage to the internal elements of the eye causing Cataracts in the lens of the eye and Macular Degeneration in the retina.

Wearing sunglasses with thicker sides or a wraparound design increases protection against UV. Wearing a hat with a large brim is also beneficial, particularly with activities such as dog walking or gardening. With outdoor pursuits such as skiing, sailing or fishing you are exposed to potentially twice as much UV due to reflections from snow or water.


Polarising sunglasses can cut out a horizontal meridian of light which means there is less glare when driving and allows for a clearer image. This effect is also particularly beneficial for any water activities such as fishing, sailing and surfing.

Our polarised lenses block both UVA and UVB light rays, include scratch protection, and are available in a wide variety of colours and frame styles to compliment your favourite outdoor activity.


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